Is published annually by Xavier Vasquez
With additional help from Arzu Ozkal, and Vaughn Avakian at Custom Printing.

Copies can be found at the annual SD Zinefest or at Verbatim Books, in North Park, San Diego, CA.

To purchase a copy or for future zine contribution consideration send us an email: info[at]artivist[dot]media

The 2018 zine features the following artists:
Arzu Ozkal
Bahvna Mehta
Allessandra Moctezuma
Neil Shigley
Philip Matzigkeit
Marcelo Radulovich
Ariel Iribe
Jill Holslin
Mario Torero
Ted Washington
Xavier Vasquez
Consic International
Liz Sisco, David Avalos, and Louis Hock

2019 zine features:
Bobby Bray
Heather Brosché
Alessandra Moctezuma
Bill McKibben
Doris Bittar
Dr. Derek Alderman